Training & Education

MIST is a maritime academic home. MIST has, and will always be a crucible of education, learning, innovation, ideas and, by default, ideals. MIST provides a beacon towards a horizon where we hold the torch of hope and will, for many around the world Individuals & Enterprises alike.

Every once in a while the academic home opens its doors and lets the future in ............. and writes a legacy for others.

Few Key Contributors to MIST

Chief Adviser to MIST Admiral M H Khan
Former chief of Naval staff and Minister GOB and other distinguished Guests attending Seminar at MIST

Capt. Azizul Haque, Extra Master
Chief Nautical Adviser to MIST
Former Director General, DOS Commandant, Marine Academy Managing Director, BSC

Mr. Abdul Malek, MEO Class1, UK
Chief Engineering Adviser to MIST
Former Director General, DOS UNDP Expert
Chief Eng Instructor of Marine Academy Member, Mongla Port Authority

Mr. Zahedur Rahman, MEO Class1, UK
Former Technical Director, BSC
Country Manager, LRS
Presenting Keynote Paper at MIST Seminar

Capt. Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury,
Master Mariner, UK

Principal of MIST
Former General Manager, BSC
S.M.G. Moula
(Ex. Hon LT (E) BN)

Training Coordinator for Cadet Training at MIST
Former Instructor at National Maritime Institute